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DYOV. Design Your Own Villa


DYOV is a practical idea. DYOV is a working philosophy. DYOV is a safe process. DYOV is an Ethic way that comes to protect and guarantee the investment of a person that wants to have his housing built. It demonstrates with transparency, and always together with the client, that it is possible to manage a housing without any unnecessary risks. Without any administrative, urban or structural risks. With transparency and previous professional responsibility, under written commitment, we guarantee both a process and a result, because of our technical expertise and our knowledge of the area. Our accumulated experience in 30 years of professional commitment, we offer it to you exclusively and with customization.

DYOV proposes a professional relationship to the client and/or his legal team, in which DYOV informs and advise on all areas to manage and guarantee, previously written, the technical and legal viability of the construction of your house or residential property.

The client always chooses the professional modality of technical support: partial and/or total.

a. Your partial commissioning contract would be: information about the ideal plots, the obtaining of the official documentation of the Town Halls and/or Regional, exclusive attention to the necessities of the client, the production of the entire project, the obtaining of all the licences necessary for the execution and management of the construction.

b. Your total commissioning contract would be: from the obtaining of the plot to the management of the whole building process, that is: advice, projects, Licences and the Building of the Housing until the handover of the keys.

For the development of these two ways of working, DYOV, with their team and specialized staff, keeps a very close and direct relationship with the customer and/or the legal team chosen by him, with the purpose of officially guarantee step by step, every stage in the construction process since before the start of the housing until the end of its construction.

The customer, previously and throughly advised by the architect José Sánchez Vélez, decides the plot, the distribution, the materials and the image or design he wants for himself and his own house: “Design Your Own Villa” (DYOV). This architect is the General Coordinator who contractually guarantees to his client, the DIRECT responsibility of each service required for the construction of the housing, until the end of the process.

With DYOV you will be able to find a truly Mediterranean Architecture, in which we specially appreciate: the good and adequate solar orientation, the annual exploitation of the sun, the natural indoor ventilation of the housing, the detailed study of the outdoor areas next to the housing, and the fact that with a proper use of every space, there will be an improvement in your quality of life throughout the year.

DYOV, in applying its philosophy, proposes you that after or at the same time of choosing your Lawyer (Legal team), to choose your Architect (chief of Technical Team). In Spain, the Architect is the only TECHNICIAN AND PROFESIONAL RESPONSIBLE OF EVERY STAGE IN THE CONSTRUCTION PROCESS. The architect, is obliged to know EVERY law and rule that affects the technical process of the Urban and Construction Planning. The ONLY TECHNICAL PROFESSIONAL who is ready to take on responsibility before his client and can give him a real guarantee.

Nowadays, in 95% of the cases, the client, after the election of his lawyer, is used to going to a Builder, Quantity Surveyor or Estate agency, that cannot guarantee all the information available with their signature. They cannot take responsibility on the whole Urban and Construction process. Your Architect can.



To the constitution of Design Your Own Villa (DYOV), new members are incorporated into this new project:


ANTONIO CORBALÁN PINAR, architect, formerly involved in large urban developments such as "resorts", as well as creating their housing typologies. He currently holds his professional work unifying architecture, urbanism and accesibility, in order to create human environments and spaces that can be used by everyone in society.

He is also a member of ASEPAU (Spanish Association of Professionals in Universal Accesibility), associate of ASPAYM Murcia (Paraplegic Association and mayor physical disabilities in the Región of Murcia), invitend board memeber of accessibility of the Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia, member of the workbench CERMI Murcia for drafting the new law accessibility of the Region of Murcia.


ENRIQUE GARCÍA emigrated to Britain in his youth, where he made most of his personal and professional life. For over 30 years he directed numerous departments in a MULTINATIONAL COMPANY. Later, already back in Spain, he participated in the real estate business.

He is currently adhered to the Ethical Architecture and Urbanism concept, to work in a more effective real estate concept, and above all, more fair and equitable.


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